Hour 12 (Marathon Prompt – Pick a random book from the shelf.  Read the first line and the last line.  Pick one and use every word of that line somewhere in your poem.)

The Book:  A Million Little Pieces

First Line:  I wake to the drone of an airplane engine and the feeling of something warm dripping down my chin.




Airplane engine sputters, starts

Adrenaline rush soon fills our hearts.

Accelerated upward climb

Above the clouds in record time


Final instructions drone on and on

We’ll soon jump out and then be gone

I’m at the edge and looking down

It’s just white fluff, can’t see the ground


And the feeling of something going wrong

Which once was not, but now seems strong

I closed my eyes and felt a push

Plummeting down I felt a swoosh


My eyes now open staring up

To discover my chute was not hooked up

Desperately I tried to yell

I’m ‘bout to die…oh my what hell


Something warm came dripping down

As I came closer to the ground

I wake to find myself a fool

My chin was wet from sleeping drool


Just a dream, a nightmare really

Man oh man do I feel silly




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