From the tips of her extremities

She spun her web of lies

Delicately interwoven

With many lows and highs.


She lured them in so easily

With her stunning looks and charm

The lonely, sad and gullible

Unprepared to face her harm.


She took from them their dignity

Their bank accounts and more

She never dreamed there’d come a day

Someone would tie the score.


Befriended by another who

Was on to Charlotte’s game

She eased right into Charlotte’s world

Her intentions were the same.


To take from Charlotte all the things

She had swindled from her pray

And leave Charlotte empty handed

Not knowing what to say.


Charlotte realized she’d met her match

From a chick as smart as she

Which made the sting a little less

She was set to let it be.


But that web we call the internet

Can deceive all in its wake

Seems that Charlotte lost it all

To the ones she had foresaked.


Try keeping your intentions pure

When on the world wide web

And when you find Charlottes and the like

Then swat those spiders dead!


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