Hour 2 Writing Prompt – Pick a line or phrase from Robert Frost’s poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening, and use it in your poem

Miles to go before I sleep*

(a poem for dad, oh how we miss you!)


It’s hard to write about you Dad

So much to say yet the words won’t come

Your chair sits empty but still I look

Maybe to catch a glimpse of you

Your smile, devilish at times, your laugh, your grumbles, too

And your sweet, sweet humming, always humming

I miss these parts of you, I miss them, I miss you, we miss you, every bit of you

Days are different, routines changed, less worry at night

So why do I long to hear your voice on that monitor

Just one more time, even if it was you grumbling as you made

yet another trip to the bathroom.

Trips to see Doc Weller, “a very fine feller” as you would proclaim

Followed by your trademarked “Oh shitsky!”  I MISS THAT

There’s no more worry, will you fall, will I find you in your chair

Unresponsive, leaving us to morn, no more worry, no more you

Why would I wish for those times of worry about you

Your 7:00 bed time, yet “miles to go before I sleep”*

Wishing you were still a  part of our routine, hard times and the good ones

It’s mom I hear now on that monitor, no “Oh Shitskies” just the

seemingly endless all-nighter with Steve Harvey and Family Feud

I know you are laughing that boyish laugh right now…….the momma

She’s ok, just missing you, we all miss you, ALL OF YOU

We can’t have you back, just our thoughts and memories

I’ll let those fill my heart and soul

Even if it means it’s “miles to go before I sleep”*




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