Hour 9 Writing Prompt – Write about a food memory

Food memories are the best!


Becky’s dad, his name was John

Made the best flapjacks, at the break of dawn.

We ate ’em up faster than he could fry

Ole John he was a hell of a guy.


Johnny Marzetti was a dish new to me

I found it was one of, Faith’s best recipes.

They also grew their own corn on the cob

Which I enjoyed with Kim and Red, Faith and Bob.


One summer day, quite some years ago

Judy grabbed from the garden, a big ripe tomato

On toasted bread, with some mayonnaise, too

We went through that whole loaf, before we were through.


At my house my dad, had mastered the grill

His rotisserie chicken really gave me a thrill.

Dinner in a dish, was my mamma’s claim.

If you ate it just once, you were never the same,


These days Johnny D is the cook of our house

His pandemic pies make him number 1 spouse.

His kitchen creations, keep me wanting for more

But he’s waiting for me to¬† try evening the score.


With all this talk about food

I am starting to drool.

I’ll put down my pen cause

A fork’s my new tool.





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