Hour 10 “Perfectly Imperfect” Anthony Ramos

You seemed perfect on the outside.

Landed it big in Hamilton, In the Heights, and in A Star is Born.

Engaged to your Hamilton co-star Jasmine. Life on top with a white picket fence of a promising future.

One night a TikTok video surfaced you at a strip club with a white girl.Your engagement ended abrupt. Broadway attendees spewed anger on social media platforms.

I give you the benefit of the doubt, I’m not naive. Just not quick to judge

when we don’t know what happens behind closed doors or white locked gates.

You’ve only turned thirty and seem not ready to settle down just yet.

Model for Tommy Hilfiger and compose song lyrics with YX.

You sing on Target commercials and talk on live IG.

Still appreciate your fandom and do your craft.

You become “the puzzle piece of my poem.”

2 thoughts on “Hour 10 “Perfectly Imperfect” Anthony Ramos

  1. Hi Fellow East Coast Group Member:
    If you are interested in sharing poems after the marathon, please reach out; I’m at: Laura_Daniels_117@hotmail.com.

    Onto your poem: the first thing I did after I finished reading was google Anthony Ramos because the name sounded familiar. Your poem made me feel like you had pulled back the curtain and allowed me a peek into his life. I like the last line: You became “the puzzle piece of my poem”.

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