A Final Poem of Thought

A Final Poem of Thought

This experience won’t win me a Pulitzer.

Won’t not get me an Academy Award, Grammy, or an Emmy.

It has the opportunity to allow me to published a poem,

 my prize winning certificate without trophy.

My name in print, a possible push-cart nominee.

I got myself on paper, a person among others 

to share space in an Anthology.

That’s pretty cool if you’re think like this,

something fun and unique.

Together we cross the marathon tape with no medals,

the finish line is here.

We’ll participate and write again 

this time next year.

2 thoughts on “A Final Poem of Thought

  1. Terrific poem, summing up personal challenges. we don’t do it for others, but it is shared with kindred spirits. I love this ending that is not ending… yes, next year, let’s do it again!

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