Dear Traveler

Dear traveler,

we wandered together,

we wandered apart,

we roamed familiar worlds,

we detoured alone.

I can barely describe

my fatigue, my fog,

sensation of the crowd.

bombarded by the singular

I sleep, I awaken,

puzzled and perplexed

by words, by design,

by god, by the devil.

now I forget am I at my 22nd detour

or is it my 21st,

losing count, tomorrow

is not another day,

nor will I speak about this

with others, yet do not forget.

sincerely, your strange companion,

your verbal friend, it is I.

2 thoughts on “Dear Traveler

  1. I really enjoyed the theme of `Dear Traveler. I loved the concept of the letter. It had traditional elements of alliteration…puzzled and perplexed, contrasts and more. I loved this! Well done!

  2. This is such a highly personal poem – just as the journey is a personal one. You give a real sense of the length of road travelled – and also of the sense of isolation within that journey. I understand the references within this apply to the marathon itself, but they function on a deeper level too – and that brings a sense of real resonance to the work. Love it!

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