I am

I am from a big city

Where everyone is in a hurry 


No time for manners

Or gentle “good day” 

Not even a smile


I left the big city 

Looking for a small town 


I found the place

It is calm and friendly 


I always remember 

I am from a big city 


I left the big city 

I feel inspired 

In this tiny town 


Writing poems, reading and gardening

It is my new hobby in this nice place 


(Hour 8-@Mejia) 

One thought on “I am

  1. This will warm the hearts of any city-dweller, who chafes at the brusque city ways!

    ‘No time for manners
    A gentle “good day”
    Not even a smile’

    The choice to shift base to a sweet little town is heartening…

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