There is no fascination.
like that of
observing shadows

even as a child the idea of
light playing
with objects and time
was more than
simple diversion

As a kid spending summers
at grandparent’s
lake home
my east-facing room
beckoned each morning to
make an appearance

I came to see mornings as
welcome respite from
wasteful sleep
marveling at the
wakeup call

I knew every nook of
the birch stand
right outside that window
and often woke to
dancing leaves on my
forever endowing me
with the joy
that can only be found
in knowing that
the sun
and its friends the
were willing, gracious

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2021

4 thoughts on “Casting

  1. We read and write so often about shadows-as-darkness; I really enjoyed this script-flip feel of shadows-in-light!

    One note — I know you’re using “cum” as a preposition but the alternate meaning creates a bit of… confusion. I might recommend either choosing a different phrasing or adding the traditional punctuation used with the word (“birch tree kabuki-cum-wakeup call”) for clarity.

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