Social media is manna from cyber-heaven, crystalizing
the adage ‘thank G-d for unanswered prayers’

A daily spin through various forms of online socializing
covers a wide range of connections; business, personal
old friends, new associates, friends-of-friends, old lovers

Those you have joined in moving back to ‘friend’ stage
others part of a friends circle you are both bonded to

Those you did backwards: friend never in the equation
even though the ‘lovers’ part was definitely memorable

Their current foibles, unseemly politics, general ickiness?
Social media is manna from heaven, reinforcing each ‘nope!’

Those you have joined in moving back to ‘friend’ stage
seldom want to revisit more-than land – blithely utilizing
eye-roll emojis when a mutual makes pointed reminders

G-d gets thanks for eschewing my prayers, proper praise
today really means…there needs to be an emoji for that.

– Mark L. Lucker
© 2022

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