Stroke Was a Blessing

In 2012 I suffered a ruptured Achilles’ tendon at work. Two weeks after surgery, I suffered a massive stroke. I was in medically induced coma to save my life. It was a hemorrhagic stroke that also caused swelling of the brain. My prospects for survival were pretty grim, in fact, doctors told family to get ready for the worse, that they’d done everything they could. To everybody’s surprised, I pulled through!  After rehabilitation, I went home to follow-up home and outpatient care, physical, speech, and occupational therapy. I started writing as a for of therapy. I also did volunteered work and went back to school, online this time, to resume a Master’s degree. I started publishing one month before my graduation ceremony. I’d have gotten my Master’s because I’d started it again before my stroke, but I don’t think I’d have taken writing seriously if it hadn’t been for my stroke. That’s why I tell people: The stroke is the best thing that happened to me; the really bad stuff all happened after my stroke. Here I am, habitually challenging my brain, but this time with writing to participate in the Half Marathon and hope to continue to the full Marathon.

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