9th Hour – Against Isolation Mary Pecaut

HOUR NINE    –  Against Isolation                  Mary Pecaut

Ekphrastic poem based on Photo by Dylan Shaw   unsplash


Against Isolation


Just because

the sky is 

blue Is not enough.

It is not enough the peach 

on the horizon nor 

the carefree streak 

of clouds stitched half-hazardly.

It is not nearly enough 

when you are


enveloped in a treeless mountain tract

of Arctic tundra.

So unwelcome is the cold.

Invite raw beauty

to be your stilted home.

Lift it well above the ice. Criss

cross tracks in the snow

no matter if they come

or go as if

to decry I’m here or

Here     am     I.


One thought on “9th Hour – Against Isolation Mary Pecaut

  1. Against Isolation brings up the Artic tundra and yet, I felt myself wondering how another pandemic winter will feel after this summer of mere bits of new found freedom… will it feel lonely or normal?? Your poem also gave me pause at the end… here am i.
    Fav line ♡ enveloped in a treeless mountain tract. Well done!!

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