Hour Four – KnowLedge Mary Pecaut

HOUR FOUR  – KnowLedge          Mary Pecaut




Now in 2122, we stand on the ledge

of what 

we knew a century ago –

when blue bones began again and ice-locked 

streams broke loose by choice or time

to go – climate deniers clumped and clodded

skirted round the floes gathering rootless 

growth in a wake.

We should have known.


When the integrity of dirt

was lost, gone was

kakapo, sea turtles, sloth. 

Ferns from dinosaur times

became extinct – it’s not 

what you think –

decisions were postponed

We could have known.


The earth tilted ever so

greased its orbit

as if 

to alter flow

Gaia sacrificed – her sun

no longer in view.

Perhaps we knew.

4 thoughts on “Hour Four – KnowLedge Mary Pecaut

    1. Mary Pecaut, I had to read this poem many times to savour it beyond my tongue. Haunting imagery you have here. Year 2022 is unravelling more than what we used to know.

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