Hour ONE – Watermark

Watermark    HOUR ONE       Mary Pecaut


The weight of all matter

matters more the longer

you wait


Body immersed     wrinkles emerge 

sebum washes thin   water 

penetrates papered skin


Watermarks mark origin

to dissuade imitation

a value defined by limitation


A garment can recover

Rubbed silk removes a watermark

stain of tainted lover


being in water

begin again


One thought on “Hour ONE – Watermark

  1. This is absolutely stunning. The balance and use of language is so carefully crafted, I love the way you play with the ambiguity of meaning right from the very beginning.

    Your opening stanza in particular really struck me, ‘The weight of all matter/matters more the longer/you wait’. It’s a perfect introduction to that concept of time, slipping by and away and the lasting impact this has.

    Really beautiful writing.


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