“Before I Sleep”

I calm my head and go to bed,
And think twice about the line he said;
“And miles to go before I sleep”
“And miles to go before I sleep”.

I stared so hard, up naked sky,
And think about how would I die.
In life, I’ve seen some terrible cries,
Hard situations, awful people and lies.
I wonder if I’ll just do the same,
Or be the good and kindest at my game.

For sure, I’m no poet as good as his,
I’m no noble person, or philanthropist.
But I dreamt to write to touch one soul,
And read about it, as I get old.

His tragedy and my worst life,
Might be differ by its time.
But I wish, I wish, to touch one life,
Just like how, he touch mine.

Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour02, Text Prompt02
Giving honor to Robert’s Frost Phrase “And miles to go before I sleep” from his poetry : Stopping by woods in a snowy evening

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