“Dear Old Friend”

Dear Old Friend…
Its been awhile, isn’t it?.
12 years passed and gone,
And you’re too busy growing up
While I’m too busy fixing myself up, again and again and again.

Dear Old Friend…
I’m sorry, That I turned insane,
And that left you confused, broken and alone.
That left you wondering, until now.
That left you wondering, why? or How?

Dear Old Friend…
I’m sorry, That I turned out to be this way,
And as a result, you were left to a friend that was not even a friend.
That should be me, but I’m sorry, I’m not well.

Dear Old Friend…
Despite it all, you accomplished so much.
All the hurdles, the pain, all of it.
You made it through without me,
I am so so proud of you, you are so strong.

Dear Old Friend…
I hope you still remember me,
I am Janine, your childhood friend,
Your only best friend since birth,
My only companion before I fall.

We played lots of imaginary games,
We played under the rain,
we played mud dirts and sung songs that the radio don’t recognized anymore.
We are each others fun,
We are each others run.

I wish you well dear friend,
I wish your future turn out the way we imagine it.
Though I wish I’m still with you right now,
Laughing and talking about our hopes.
But then I’m lost, and I’m praying that you are not.

I wish you happiness all through out,
I am here, always… despite the absence.
Writer: M.E. Flores
Hour06, Text Prompt06

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