Hour 10: spill blood

you shall witness,

the knife,

you shall begin to inherit the earth from my flaming tongue,

as I resist every urge to pull you out of sleep,

wake you from nightmares and dreaming.

I suck in the light, I suck cock, I suck in sadness,

I suck everything out of the world, except you.

I respect you,

but you shall witness my waning light.

you shall fuck your way into her eyes and back to mine,

I am but a man to your hetero-hedonism, I am but a pig, in your wolf den,

I am but a death bed, and you shall be the witness to my miracle.

Peeling back pleasure and revolving around you like a planet meeting the death sun,

this is the only one, holding back.

I suck in the essence, and I bring you the energy,

You shall invest all your time in forgetting and building,

when the waves become desolate and weak,

we will plummet from this edge and retreat into another eternity, believe it,

you shall witness,

as I cut ties with desperation and rush you out of this fragile home.

I will rush you into her arms as you put your cock between her rose,

and cut the thorns of love and give me the aftermath,

I understand what it means to be pleased, and put pleasure ahead of true romance,

and love was a disaster when I put a cancer-stick to my lips,

and whipped back and forth, repeating useless things to the kingdom.

I spill blood as sacrificial doom, to assume we were making something die,

but that was a lie and we are burying truth in favor of rising.

You are god, you are my witness, as we slip into lover’s beds that we do not let survive this wintering,

We will pour our energy into this religious prayer of skin,

and bare witness to growth and change.

I love the way you say my name when wrapped between her legs,

I am second guessing every thing as you plummet into her depths,

I sweat and spill blood waiting for your return,

this will be an ending to begin in our universe.

The dust is cosmic and rushing in like waves and water washes us clean,

hold back all tense feeling,

come back reeling from your softened spear,

you cut deep, and will it be enough, to be the witness and evolve,

we spill blood and don’t ask where it came from,

but we know where we’re going, and so we go, one more token in this evolution,

come burn the evidence, you shall be my witness, and you shall transcend,

after all, the soul is not to rush.

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