Hour 9: Perpetua 11

1. Turn me inside out, then turn me, wear me like a coat, hold your secrets in my pockets, keep me hidden until winter.
2. I am summer fury, let the heat dismantle you, let the memories burden you with sweaty nights with dreams about the way we used to be.
3. I caught your lies on my tongue, you won’t say it, I won’t say it, we did explain, in the sea, when you were drowning me in all your attempts to get the world from out of my body.
4. You used to dip your feet in the pool because you were afraid something might drag you down if you jumped straight in, isn’t there some magic to fear nothing at all, but everything at the same time?
5. I saw those pictures you drew of those girl’s vaginas, laughing as though they would all magically appear in front of you, you thought it was so funny, I cried and thought only deadly things.
6. What was time but a little box on your shelf, you told me to open it, to reveal all the things that would be and never be, that were, and never were.
7. She kissed you around midnight, thought you would turn into a prince, the frog gets the last laugh.
8. I drew maps of your body, a way to define your lungs and your heart, until you ripped the picture up and told me to draw the way around your home, the way to your home and back to mine, because the distance would define us, not anything else.
9. I had dreams last night of this serpent killing you, fucking you, and putting you back to sleep, I couldn’t sleep after that, but damn, you snored all night and woke up the next day and said it was the best sleep you ever had. I know I’m crazy now.
10. Come into my midnight agony, watch me play with your emotions, facebook is my game, watch me not reply to your message for 30 days and come crawling back like some bad joke that didn’t land so I try again. I am all and everything especially after you pretend I am what you want. So come one, come all, come on, come back.
11. i play with rituals, hoping to resurrect you from death or absence, I am a constant storm, readying my form to please you. In this perpetual cycle of grief and mischief, I’ve come to maintain the light in your cavern of darkness, come and linger, this won’t last long.

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