Poem #10: La Vida.

Not only does the day drag on,

But baby, you lead me astray,

And I can’t behave in your presence,

I want to unravel and break all the shit in your home.

I want to destroy the peace that you cling to,

The emptiness of your mind, give me the time to rummage through every box,

And mismanage your heart the way you did mine.

Bitterness creeps through these halls,

And I am all of the best parts you could have been,

If you loved me and not her,

Or you loved who you really were,

But sometimes we hide in the closet until the darkness,

Comes to find us.

And the light, oh god, the light,

Will fucking ruin us with the truth,

Here in this city, if you do not get away from it.

I know that this is life,

The crazy ballad to our chaotic turns,

About the room, the glass figures telling us what we should do,

As you travel behind your walls,

That cover your mind and your heart,

Your lips moving but always silent,

Picking and choosing the lies,

The deceptive gold behind your tongue,

This day is for you, la vida, the life you lead,

This day is for you, all these poems are about you, baby,

The man who at 21, has ruined every good part of me,

And these are for you,

all of them, between now and later,

The satisfaction of your heart against my bones,

Seeping out like a runny memory we refuse to patch up,

I am here, the ghost, and the phantom pain,

Until you come find me,

La vida.

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