From Fur to Grrr (Hour Seven, A Diamante)


loyal, friendly

petting, fetching, snuggling

compadre, companion, servant, lackey

clawing, scratching, creeping

finicky, aloof




****A diamante is composed of seven lines, where

Iines 1 and 7 have opposite meanings, and are typically one word nouns, although concepts or phrases are sometimes used. Lines 2 and 6 consist of two adjectives which clearly describe Lines 1 and 7, respectively. Lines 3 and 5 are made up of three -ing verbs that refer to Lines 1 and 7 again. Line 4 is the focal point of the poem, uniting Lines 1 and 7 by juxtaposing two nouns describing Line 1, followed by two nouns describing Line 7.****

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