Precious Princess Paisley (Hour Six, An Acrostic)

Precious Princess Paisley


P erfect little princess,

A lready

I adore you, and though you do not know me, I

S till can’t wait to meet you.

L ittle girls are precious, and so

E asy to love.

Y our tiny hands have

G ripped my heart tightly,

R eminding me how blessed I

A m to have you

C all me your granddad…

E ven though at 51, I’m still too young to be a PawPaw!


****An acrostic is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase when reading downward. In this example, I separated the first letter of each line and highlighted it in bold type to make it easier to read. Paisley Grace is my boyfriend Lonnie’s first grandbaby, born earlier this month. I tried to write from his perspective and capture his joy and excitement at becoming a grandfather and hope I was able to come close to what he is feeling!****


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