Rediscovery (An Acrostic, Hour Twenty)





Is hard for me.

Never do I

Dare to accept or admit defeat.

I‘m invincible, right?

Not on your nelly!

Grief has whooped

My arse in

Every way imaginable.

A once in a lifetime love

Gone forever.

An eighteen plus year career

I built by my blood, sweat, and tears is

No more.

All the security and stability

I‘d envisioned for my future was whisked away, leaving

Nothing behind.

Today, I admit defeat,

Establishing myself

As a three time loser just as

Soon as she files the paperwork and makes it official.

Yesterday may have bankrupted me, but tomorrow is a clean slate, a new start.


(An acrostic is a poem where the beginning letter of each line, when reading downward, spells out a word, message, or even the entire alphabet. I’ve highlighted each letter in red to make it easier to find the hidden message inside.)

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