The Future is History (Hour Nine, A Nontraditional Minute Poem)


The Future is History


Technology has trained us to

depend upon

our devices

to remember.


Ev’rything we once knew has long

been forgotten,

parts of our past

lost forever.


It’s time to take our future back,

to remember

exactly who

we think we are.



****A traditional minute poem is composed of 60 syllables split among three stanzas, with each stanza having four lines where the syllabic count is 8/4/4/4. Traditional minute poems are written in iambic pentameter with the rhyme scheme of aabb, ccdd, eeff. I couldn’t put a true traditional minute poem together in a day, let alone an hour. So for the sake of saving time as well as what remains of my so-called sanity, I eliminated the constraints of rhyme and meter, devolving into the nontraditional minute format seen above.****

One thought on “The Future is History (Hour Nine, A Nontraditional Minute Poem)

  1. I love your attention to form – and your devolution into the nontraditional minute format which allowed you to keep your sanity during the marathon! You utilise this stripped back form beautifully – there’s a directness and focus in each line which pierces the reader. Gorgeous work – and strong points well made.

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