Try It, You’ll Like It (Hour 20, A Nonet Poem)

“You want me to take a bite of WHAT?”

“Are you even sure that it’s dead?”

“But what if it bites me back?”

My questions kept coming.

From chopsticks laced with

wasabi, he

shoved sushi

down my



(A nonet poem is comprised of nine lines, where line one begins with nine syllables, line two has eight syllables, and so forth, in a continually decreasing fashion until the final line is only one syllable long. This gives the reader the visual image that the poem is slowly disappearing.)

One thought on “Try It, You’ll Like It (Hour 20, A Nonet Poem)

  1. I love this poem, love the form which I have never tried… but will! The form, the message, the use of dialogue, which is so welcoming to a reader, the metaphor of sushi and poem disappearing — all work to create a balanced, amazing poem!

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