Prompt 3: The Bop

If you present a problem or a issue, in a relationship, does it help you? 

Would it help, presenting a problem, that is within yourself or another, that you somehow ‘ignore’ emotional ties and stay at the ready, an almost anodyne mindset.

Inoffensive, perfect, almost machine-like: The Specimen.

At The Rawest, supporting the evidence of light/dark, love/apathy dynamics; unfettering but weary that human interaction is key. Too much can affect the self and others in relationships; no matter the bearer of news or, plainly oneself.

Could the problem be the person or an action that they have done?

In humanity, what lies beneath from human interaction is the chance of empathetic, thoughts, and control, which explains at first glace, that it’s not simple DUE to the tragedies of trauma, coinciding in one’s development. With no treatment, individuals may deal with attacking or healing others, a double-edged sword. One can be in pain, reliving their trauma in many various scenes, forgoing the moralities that can be shown or project in stories. If a person is seen as such, an attacker, an apathetic individual, whether they did a “good” or “bad” action to another soul, it would not have any meaning to them but to use someone as a pawn or ally. If a person, has an empathetic personality, they will understand others, feel their pain, emotions, and will do their best to overcome, please another, forging a strange caretaker role; deflating their sense of self. Actions may speak louder than words for the majority but human interaction can be crafty, cunning, hurtful.

Could there be a solution to the problem? 

Repeatedly, with human interaction, a soul bonding treat that can be helpful to those around us, with many various personalities, thoughts. Life can be a whirlwind of emotions, of so many people, reconciling with the self, with others can be helpful – nourishing. Relationships: can entangle, estrange proud people who may have heard or seen horror stories. Coincidentally, we can see ourselves as a problem and a solution, yearning for actions, methodically providing documentation of psychological behaviors.

Alas, the philos can be dense. People can be astute but are so very different in understanding human matters.




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