Prompt 4: Dear Grandma Arlene

Dear Gram: 

Today is your birthday and it's been two years since we have not celebrated with you, physically. Grief has made us stronger, haphazardly. Your Spirit still wanders in and out in the mainframe. Do you feel us? Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. It's in our blood, our life force. 

Do you recall that poem that I did as a tribute to, for you?

What Love makes us become 
After Death, Loss is a beautiful, soulful mystery
Sometimes turbulent 
Other times, a light emerges
A dream tells us
Comforting news

I have my wishes, some sound cliche but most of all, I wish that I had more time with you. 
Understanding how important we needed that time, unless it's timed, our life. 
I'm foolish in that regard. 

Love always,

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