Prompt 22/Dear Democracy

Dear Democracy

It’s been awhile since anyone – except for Colbert – has said so,
but you are missed.

You have so many well wishers, but
some of them have the wrong visiting hours.
Or, are sitting in attendance for someone who claims to
speak on your behalf and in bald attempt
at harming your good name
to our allies.

I won’t say I wish things could be
as they were;
we both know
the electoral college is an unnecessary holdover
and the doctor says our votes are strong
without this procedural shunt.

Please know that, after your you’re back on your feet,
you may want to take things slowly, but, again, the doctor says
you’re strong, stronger than you know,
and your three branches will, once again, work in accordance,
not defiance of each other and their constituents.

Know, too, that your absence makes our hearts fonder,
and that we know to deserve you is to earn you.

Let us see you rise again, and
all of us will flourish.


2 thoughts on “Prompt 22/Dear Democracy

  1. This! I adored this. Such a powerful piece, and while very much aimed at the American ‘democracy’, it really resonates with the current state of affairs here in Britain.

    I pray that both countries rise, and we the people do so along with them.

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