Prompt 4, Harried Prologue


Have you seen John Cazale’s Wyoming,
a play about a scandal that would presage the rest of the 20th
and, thus far, most of the 21st century’s preoccupation
with raping the land for greed?

We have a minute before the show starts,
and need to make room for the actor
playing Albert B. Fall to find his
seat in the house.

No one who props “gate” next to a news story
to indicate malfeasance, proven or not,
ever uses “dome,” but why not?
The past is just the alpha present.
It was our predecessors workshopping the outlines
we’d use later on unheard-of platforms.

Did soda jerks know
their moneymaker would be the
meme of their day
if there were memes in 1922?

One thought on “Prompt 4, Harried Prologue

  1. There are several good images i this poem, but it is very confusing to me. It is written as if the reader knows everything about this topic that the writer does. Unfortunately, I don’t, so more verbal clues would be helpful. It’s a little like sitting in a meeting where everyone is talking jargon you don’t know. It does create emotion, though.

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