Prompt 12, Movie Crowds

A couple wandering the streets of Spain,
a mother whose daughter is keeping a strange creature in her room,
and a trio who bicycled across Asia
all seen while I sat in the dark
in rooms of varying occupancy
at an underground film festival.

Talking with other critics
waiting out the screening intermission
between the two parts of Che
at the old Tivoli.

Stepping out of Last
Temptation of Christ

and immediately fainting
to the amazement of my date.

Seeing Taxi Driver on TV
when I was a kid
with my parents at one
of their friends’ homes, and going to their bathroom
to take off
and stuff into my purse the bra that I wasn’t used to.

Not being sure what just happened twice
(but everyone in the theater being likewise taken aback):
Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

Seeing Roadrunner at the Armour
with Ron; it was our first movie since/during COVID
and everyone wore masks.

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