Forgiveness (Hour #10)

The sky darkens, thunder claps,

Eyes glares, words are sharp;

There is tension in the air.


Gasping for breath in the ocean seems comfortable,

Lying in a pool of blood in the highway seems secure,

Struggling dangling from the ceiling seems enjoyable,

Choking with pills on the bedroom floor seems good enough,

Foaming from a syringe in the bathtub seems likeable.


Hate decends and makes its way;

Splitting siblings,

Splitting friends,

Splitting couples,

Splitting families,

Splitting people.


The sky is gloomy while danger looms,

Triggers go off and fingers keep pointing;

There is tension in the air.


Dissapearing off the face of the earth seems advisable,

Running away from home seems approachable,

Revolting and striking back seems agreeable,

Poisoning them all seems good enough,


Talking things through seems hard; forgiving even harder,

But it is what is best.



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