Heart of Glass

Perception, Love, is only half of everything.

Tomorrow, I want to be filled with laughter and with joy,
To flit through realms of nonexistent things and see a bit of soul
To find my way to monies that only exist without meaning
Where truth is bound in energies moving towards a common goal

Tomorrow, I want to be surrounded by pixies and by trolls,
By elves and halflings killing things that never can grow old
While sneaking peeks between the realms into another world
Where flowers grow abundantly next to crashing waterfalls

Tomorrow, I want to slip behind the scenes and know a little more,
To fill my mind with in-betweens, touch what’s known scantly
To walk with yet-another man upon another ocean’s shore
Or dream of it, and hope that dream may, one day, come to be

Today, my heart is crushed into a wide beach of sand
Upon which my mind crashes in waves, over and again
In some attempt to cleanse what’s become so many tiny grains
Perhaps I should fuse another heart, since none of this was planned….

Perception, Love, is only half of everything.

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