Inside my head

The beauty of time, is the it never comes back. Today becomes yesterday and tomorrow the present. Regrets aren’t options, looking forward ahead. Every action has a reaction and every reaction has a consequence. Can’t cry over spill water, you just move forward. Can’t force emotions and views on others. You just listen, observe and learn. Don’t be anyone righteousness but your own. You either let go or Compromise, just always made sure your needs are been met. You can always give without receiving at least gratitude , Bc at the end you drain yourself. Never stop others from living. Individual come and go and only those meant to be in your life would remain. Be grateful to those who goes an extract mile and don’t be impulsive to take decision the you soon regret . Love oneself in order to love others. Don’t ask, just know when is your turn you will receive. Don’t beg, don’t lie and be honest about yourself. Be open mind it. Have your opinion and stand your grown. Don’t change because there’s isn’t such a thing, you could only make your self better. Don’t allow others label to make you.
Live ,love and laugh. Keep in mind time keep moving forward with you or without . Therefore don’t waste time on what if and I should had know and why me, how come and feeling sorry for yourself . You don’t like something change it . You don’t like your surrounded and the individual around you live. Never look back and always make positive outcome when it comes to yourself . Cry if you must, fall if you had to; just remember to stand up after it all and keep moving forward.
—Meriyen Marquez

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