I’m complicated
I’m uncontrollable
I’m a nightmare
I’m out of balance
I’m not quite
I speak my mind
I made mistakes
I’m not adjustable
I’m not a child
I have ambition
I’m materialistic towards my own earnings
I’m not in control of my crazy side
I’m no angel
I speak my emotions out loud
I attend to make assumptions
I don’t fake
I hate to compromise
I hate to lose, but I’m not a sore loser
I fall and rise back up
I’m not perfect
I like to think I don’t stereotype, but I had probably done it
I don’t believe in single stories
I’m aggressive when I had to be
I dislike bully.
I’m not an animal lover, but I won’t abuse them.
I believe the if you don’t like something or a situation , only you can make changes.
I trust, but I also verify.
I welcome changes, bc I’m not afraid of challenges.
I want it all, but I’m aware the I don’t get everything, only what I work hard for.
I learned not to expect other to see what I see.
I’m not a follower and don’t pretend to be a leader.
I’m in the pursuit of happiness and grateful for each day.
I’m sometimes everything
You don’t want and it’s ok.
I’m not a cage
The doors don’t have locks
Honesty it’s just the key in any mess.
I love a good chessboard game.
My obsession its to checkmate the king.
I’m smart
I’m not ordinary
I am me…
—Marquez Meriyen

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