Poem#6 He Loved The Best He Could

Dreaded time has come …
His long time battle ended in a long run.
Bottled monster … long and short had long gone.
What remains was replaced by pain and regrets.
A life lived in a pathetic state.

Life with him was a roller coaster …
One week sober … one month of heaven.
A month with monster in a bottle … a year in hell.
Though he struggled to stand in dignity;
We witnessed his defeated fight in futility.

We were fashioned in his wit …
But not defined by his grief.
Served as a trophy of the life he didn’t dreamed off.
As he loved us the best he could.
But the bottled monster that gleamed in blood;
Sparkled like an enchanting temptress …
Lurked him in a fog.

As he whispered his last breath …
Tears abundantly flowed … not in pain but resigned.
He held my hands and mouthed the words.
“Thank you for loving me … despite of.
“Hush” … I said … “You are fine Dad.”
As I kissed him, in my heart and in my thought.
He loved us the best he could.

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