Tell me the story of Great Grandmother.

Again? I think you only like the farting part.

It’s funny. Pleeeese. Tell me.

OK. Great Grandmother is very beautiful.
She is not young or old. She is not big or small.
Her clothing is completely made of numbers
and it is see-through.
And even Great Grandmother is see-through.
One day…
One day…


She didn’t do it on purpose.
It just happened.
One day she…

She farted!
Was it loud?

You’d have to ask the gods.
They were the only ones around to hear it
because they were in the fart.
And so were all the tiny grains of everything.
The gods started putting all those grains together,
playing with them the way you play with sand and mud.
And they made the stars and planets and Earth and sun,
everything, even the animals.

Even me.

Even you.

Tell it again!

One thought on “Hour 15 GREAT GRANDMOTHER

  1. This is just delicious! Such energy in the poet’s voice and a lovely relationship with the younger listener who always asks to hear the story again. It’s as though we’re hovering on the edge of a myth or legend and this is just the first of the explanations!

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