Dungeons, Dragons, A Swimming Pool – Hour 6 Prompt 6

First, sunlight peeking through the window
A loud tumble out of bed
The smell of sizzling meats
A soft kiss on the cheek
Then later,

The sound of water crashing nearby,
The coolness of it caressing skin
The lightness of weight as we swim
Then later,

The slight rustle of paper,
Click-clack click-clack
Imagination as dice make swords strike true
Laughter pealing through the air
Sorrow as the clicks roll in our disfavor
Then later,

Firelight flicking and flailing,
The smell of smoke and again
The sound of sizzling meat
More dice, glinting in the dim light
Reflecting beneficially as they roll toward victory
Then Later,

Soft blankets wrapped around
Warm bodies gently shifting as
Rumbling breaths lead to snoring and
Dreams confess the past

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