Hour 12 – The Goblin’s Wood – Text Prompt

Deep in the woods with the moon at its peak
The goblins come out to creep
Along the river on paths of moss
Tiptoeing past where naiads sleep
They clamber over long dead ents
And flee the wolf-men’s tents
To gather at the Coyote’s Fang
Where nightshade berries hang

They chitter and chatter, small words
About humans, pollution, an ocean solution
Brine, and bagels, and glowing blue swords
They share acorns and deer meat
Converse with strange tongue
They share their own secrets
With the new goblins among
The nightshade’s grove
And reveal the secret of a treasured trove

Til daybreak they gather, at dawn they do scatter
Fleeing the hills for the trees
And scattering among the cliffs by the sea
Waking the naiads and ents and the dryads
Not seen til next season
For some unknown reason
They only meet On the dragonfly’s beat
Small servants of the bobcat

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