Hour 14 – Mushroom Dragon – Image Prompt

Journal Entry 247
I came across a legend,
They looked to be like toadstools
Homes for fae the size of shoes
Too large to be normal mushrooms.
My colleague saved me from disaster,
Had I given in my toes would shatter
For these were hard as iron
Dragon eggs, a mushroom breed
Fungal and fantastic
Had I stepped upon them in attempted destruction
Their rocky-texture would have proved
Quite effective, and I would become
A witless, hapless, research detective

See beyond the iron exterior
The dragon shells are sporous
And should you inhale their dust
The symptoms are laborious
First there’s visions, then the sweats
Then there’s begging and regrets
Then the dragonlings will find you
And grow upon your skull
Parasites of decaying nature
They might as well steal your soul.


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