Hour 2 – Solstice – Text Prompt

Why do they care for summer?

Cicadas sing to bats who shriek,

Searching for their meal this evening

And they’ll find just what they seek

A meal’s a bounty in Summer’s set

The sun’s not set and will rise early

Though Night complains you’re tired surely

The Day ignores him with her light

A warmth seeps up from pavement

As Day sleepily comes down,

I can finally get some rest

As the world transitions to evening sounds.

The brightest evening of the year

Makes it hard to sleep I fear.


I much prefer the winter

Ice cracks to echoing Night

Who sings in sweet abandon

Shadows loom and frost does bite

While Night plays as Day’s stand-in

Sun’s set was early, a serenade

And she won’t rise til later

Day does not complain,

But rests long, still as a glacier

A chill comes down upon the breath

As Day refuses rising,

I am comfy in my bed

And though it’s morning on the clock

The darkest evening of the year.

Sleeps in my embrace, held dear

The line “The darkest evening of the year” is lifted from Robert Frost’s Poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

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