Hour 2 – Spider Plan – Image Prompt

A person climbing over the edge of a building

Do you think I’m the kind of person

Who has a plan and makes it happen?

When weaving a spider’s web, do they think it out?

Or do they just start walking, while leaking

A fine gossamer line from end to end of a corner

Or across two branches.

They can’t perceive the world like we do

They’re far too small to see it.

I doubt they know what branches are

Overwhelmed by scale.


I get that I’m not a spider

And see more than shadows moving

Through the lights of the world

But I really wasn’t thinking

When I climbed this high

I just felt a bit compelled

I just wanted to feel the sky.

See the world far down below

And feel the breeze run through my skin

Now I’m stuck above it all

Spider man they call me

But I can’t shoot webs

I can’t even jump a gap

I just stick to walls.

Bitten by a gecko

Who got the spider bite

A hybrid’s hybrid is what I am

And it’s really not worth the hype.

So if you’d please just get me down

I’d be forever in your debt

I’m not the kind of person who plans

And makes it happen

Just a sticky-fingered nerd who saw a wall and said

Yeah, I’ll just climb that.

One thought on “Hour 2 – Spider Plan – Image Prompt

  1. This has me on word-picture overload — a good thing. What a great response to this prompt. A favorite line: Just a sticky-fingered nerd who saw a wall and said, Yeah, I’ll just climb it. I like your comparison to a spider’s view of the world.

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