Hour 3 – Dance of Two for 3 or More – Text prompt

Dance of Two for 3 or More

I want to write a world for you
And you alone would hear it.
A dance between two people as
The world cannot come near it
The ebb and flow of harmony
The waltz of you and me
A smallish world, to be sure
But exclusive to us two

Exclusive to those two for certain
But all can watch and look upon them
The world can waltz with earnest gaze
And melt a sundrop in moon’s phase
Treading on their silken hem
And pulling at their gemstones
Making it hard to follow when
The dresses tear from ribbons

Ignore them love, it’s just you and me
We dance tonight, and we are free
The stars come down to light our path
With romance and a fantasy’s laugh
The twinkle of the sky
Compares naught to the love in your eyes
Forget the watchers, forget the world
Forget what insults it might have hurled
This dance is just for you and me
This world is our haven, our safety

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