Hour 3 – Full Circle (text prompt)

I’ll fall for you, full circle

Let your voice encircle me

A litany

If there’s a God they’ll be hearing me

Sing your praises with my heart


Too shy to brag but I’m proud of you

It’s true.

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m gonna do



I’ll fall for you, full circle

An endless loop or just 3 seconds


Wondering what you like to do

I consider what I’d do if you’re ever through


My diagnosis like a death sentence


Even if the world forgets

I’ll fall for you, full circle

Buy your merch, drop a link,


You don’t know me, yet I’ll still sink

Clip that

Million views, pick and choose

Increasing revenues

Concerned for your health as we blow it up,

full glow up

And I wonder if you’ll ever know


All for you, full circle

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