Hour 9 – Spam and Mac – Text prompt

Spam and Mac

I don’t eat much from childhood
Not that I don’t like it – The food that is
I just can usually eat better.
There is however a staple
From my 16th year
Which reminds me to stay grateful
For the job that I hold dear.
Spam, an easy snack, and mac
Makes a meal, like a dinner hack
That keeps me feeling full
While some folks shirk it and
Some just don’t think it’s good
Spam is often my comfort food
Spam and eggs is breakfast
Spam and rice for lunch
If I’m feeling really sad
Spam, just spam, a bunch
A snack for the ages,
Fry it up in slices
Chop it into pieces
Season it with seaweed
Or just nuke it for a minute
And eat that salt-mass whole
Fry it with the microwave
So you can fill that hole
Spam is just a wonderful food
That joined me late in my childhood

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