Prompt 13/H10- Words

Damn, she cursed as moonbeams floated through the fog
The coffee was cold again and she had none to blame but herself
She cursed again, attracting the attention of a small brown dog
As she hit her elbow unceremoniously upon the shelf
The puppy started barking all excited to rush
But the woman silenced it quickly with a swift hush

“I guess it’s okay since I won’t sleep”
She continued down the stairs of the old wooden keep.
“We can go down to the dock, past the Canteen,
but you need to promise to be nice to the ducks.
Don’t you dare be mean.”
The puppy wagged its tail silently, padding behind
Adventure it knew was the best way to unwind.
And so they traveled on past the ol’ Fir tree
And even further past the home of Miss V.
The little old lady who seemed ever so sweet
and made cookies as sticky as glue or concrete.
Finally at the dock the puppy let out a small growl
The growl grumbled and grew into a large howl
It went wild for hours, yelling at who knows what
The puppy was batty, it’s owner a nut.
The woman joined in and together they ran
From the dock back to the keep, over mud and soft sand.

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