Making Dough

“You need to learn to make dough.”

She would say this

as she gathered the needed ingredients and supplies.



Baking powder and

Lukewarm water.


“This is how you make dough.”

Adding flour by handfuls to a bowl,

then palm fulls of baking powder,

keeping it a 1:1 ratio,

then a pinch of salt.


Her hand carefully sifted

and mixed the ingredients together,

making sure they’re well combined.


Once mixed,

she heads to the sink,

toggles with the facet

until she gets the desired temperature.

Adding the water little by little,

with her free hand, she begins

to mix the ingredients,

all the while making sure it’s forming a ball.


Turning the bowl,

adding water,

combining flour mix and water,

until all the flour is gone

and all that’s left is a ball of dough.


“clean your hands.

Cover your dough to let it rest.”

She takes a plate and covers the dough.


3 thoughts on “Making Dough

  1. I love this poem, Vivian. It says everything about your mom. Mine taught us to make biscuits the very same way. They just knew, didn’t they?
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem!

  2. There I go… straight back to the farm house, standing next to Gran as she mixes the bread ingredients together and I can smell the bread baking in the black range… wonderful imagery! Thank you for sharing 🌞

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