23 fires.

23 birds of flames

23 dragons let loose.


Each blazing a path

as they devour everything

and leave a scorched trail.


People chased from homes

to take refuge in a nearby towns.


“Is this Hell?”

“AZ in Hell.”

These words were spelled to truth.


Now prayers are being said

to bring water.

We pray for rain in a time of drought

to quench the forest’s thirst.


As it does,

in small amounts

like someone accidently

tied a knot in the sky’s hose.


It came down

as it teased us,

like an older brother that

pretends to throw her sister in the water.


We cry,” where’s the rain!”


Finally our cries were heard.

A shower from Heaven came down,

as is God held back

all the rain

in a plant a waterer.

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