#6 Inside out

Looking from the inside out,
casts a spell of dark self-doubt…
I wear a cloak, a mage’s hat,
Say abracadabra and all of that.

But still the demons reappear.
I feel them lurking, drawing near…
I wave my wand, drink some potion.
Inside out is a revealing notion.

I hide my face, I wear my mask;
keeping inside in is a formidable task…
Don’t let them see, don’t let them know.
So much of me, I dare not show

So much that’s fragile and reticent,
I’m complicated and omnipotent…
There’s much, much more I can’t expose.
Let them wonder; they can all suppose.

Looking from the outside in,
blemished heart bleeds tainted sin…
Can you love me, think you truly can
Even being so damned inside out that I am?

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