It’s not two roads.
It’s not this or that —
But an open field with no set path at all.
So much possibility, too much to go wrong.
I don’t see the apple orchard up ahead or the elm grove to the right or a giant oak to the left.
I only see the slight decline in the middle of the clearing, like a valley
And remember the news said there’s a possibility of rain storms tonight
Which means there could be flash floods and that means
There’ll be a pool of water to drown me.
How do other people trick their brains?
Tell themselves the decline is not that prominent?
That I can take my time?
Find my own journey?

One thought on “How?

  1. What a quest and what a journey! You’ve identified the ‘other’ things that we often see before us and this makes the journey much more challenging and dangerous. I hope you have side-stepped those difficulties and found your own way!

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