Juliette was without her Romeo
She lived in the deep blue sea.
Juliette was a squeamish whale would didn’t like shrimp.

She a dreamed one day of walking on land.
Her qualms about being a sea monster did not fit her pedigree.
Juliette longed for the day the she could feel the earth beneath her feet.

Expected to eat the fisherman on boats she would met.
Teased by her whale companions for avoiding blood and gore.
No way she would swallow Jonah like her ancestors before.

Juliette without her Romeo could not wish upon a star.
Everywhere that plankton went Juliette was sure to go.
Other species like Juliette made her feel ashamed.

They laughed and snarled at the cowardly whale for acting like a scarecrow.
Then one day her wish came true when a prince that she knew fell onto the oceans floor.
Juliette recued him ana brought him back safely to the shore.

In return the prince thanked Juliette and kiss her on her nose.
Amazingly, what she had been was never to be no more.
Suddenly, Juliette became the women she wanted to be.

Her tail grew into legs, She was able to join the prince
At the palace where her story was written by the scribe.
Juliette was no longer the Squamish man eating whale never again took a dive.

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