Boy on the Bus

There she is again,

I saw her last week,

Taking the same bus as me,

I have my head phones on,

Music playing.


Do I say anything?

I probably shouldn’t.

She’d probably think I am some kind of freak.


But then again,

She does look smart,

She’s always so busy reading.


She is looking down at her notes,

With her hair falling against her hazel cheeks,

The crack of sunlight falls perfectly against her skin.

I don’t even think she has any makeup on.

My gaze can’t help but to fall on her.


Damn it!


I look away immediately.

I think she saw me looking.


I look again,

I see her big brown eyes looking at me,

She has the longest natural lashes I have ever seen,

She smirks at me and goes back to her notes.


Okay just play it cool,

Act like you didn’t notice that beautiful smile of hers.


Check your phone.

Change this song.

Look at the driver.


Do anything to stop you from showing her how you truly feel.


Why do I do this?

She’s just a girl.

I can talk to her if I want to.




She’s seems out of my league,

I just want to enjoy this moment in time right now.

I just want to see her smirk again.


Oh no…

She pulled the cord.

It’s her stop.

She’s leaving.

Should I do something?


She looks again.

Smiles at me and walks out.

It wasn’t even a smirk this time!

It was a ten watt smile!


But I’m way too late,

I guess I will have to wait…

Maybe she’ll come on this bus again some day?


The driver is ready to close the doors,

But then a few people come running in at the last second.


I run out the back door!

I don’t know what comes over me.

I think I lost her in the crowd.

I’m looking all around…


I turn back to the bus stop,

It feels like a walk of shame.

I could’ve spoken to her.

Maybe we would’ve had a connection.


I’m looking at the floor,

Shoulders shrugged,

Looking down,

Kicking the pebbles I see.

I guess I gave it a shot.


Then I look over at the bench,

And there she is.

So this conversation finally begins.














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